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ICE WOMAN - Trailer (ho-ho-hot woman) ICE WOMAN - Trailer (ho-ho-hot woman)

Hello everbody!


Thank you for your interest in my website. Here you can read some information about me and my music. 


Actualy you can listen and download my new Single ''Happy New Year!'' in three different versions on YouTube, iTunes and on other platforms. The English and German versions you will here on radios soon. Our producers have made a special ReMix for you too. 

Have fun listening, dancing and celebrating!
DaviD SeXtA


DaviD SeXtA`s Show @29.05.2016 in Hamburg 1.TV Show of DaviD SeXtA, 26.11.2016 - Hamburg1 Stay there & stay fresh!

DaviD SeXtA`IMAG!NE - trailer

TV-Show - Frühcafé @02.12.2016 - DaviD SeXtA play on guitar Niccolo Paganini
DaviD SeXtA`s TV-Show by Hamburg1 @02.12.2016

DaviD SeXtA plays LIVE by TV-Show
Niccoló Paganini on Guitar


DaviD SeXtA - is of Armenian descent and lives in Hamburg for 25 years. Parallel to the school he graduated a musical college as a flutist. Later he played bass and sang in several bands. He composes since the age of 14 on guitar and writes the accompanying texts. His stage experience in his home country ranges from small clubs to big rock festivals. Four years ago he discovered the solo guitar and now starts his debut with the catchy song "Happy New Year!". The single internationally is available in three different versions:

- Radio Edition (English)

- Radio Edition (German)

- Remix

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered in a successful Hamburg studio "Boogie Town".


Enjoy my music! 

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